2021: The year of digital acceleration

Get the right processes in place to maximise opportunities

Businesses of all size have faced some challenging times over the past year. The need to change and adapt to the ‘new normal’ during the Covid-19 pandemic has not been easy. Organisations had to quickly address how to maintain revenue streams and productivity levels with teams working remotely. But with challenges also come opportunities – and that is no different this year.

Organisations have had to take a step back and analyse how operations are maintained. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For some, it has been the perfect opportunity to assess systems and infrastructure that are in place. To analyse processes and integrations and to identify where improvements can be made. With the roll-out of the vaccine providing a glimmer of light to the end of the pandemic, 2021 is now the year of digital acceleration.

Digital Acceleration

Digital Acceleration

The companies who did not have the right systems in place were caught out by the pandemic. They had to adapt quickly to maintain operations or face the consequences. By now these organisations should have platforms and systems in place that allow information to be shared seamlessly between remote teams.

But digital acceleration is not about providing employees with access to Word or Excel to share documents electronically. It is about putting systems in place now to prepare for return of normality. So when we do exit the pandemic, organisations have the best possible opportunities to accommodate growth, attract new customers, cope with demand and grow profits.

Digital ERP Core

To deliver effective acceleration, companies need a solid, underlying foundation. This is the key driver of any business change – pandemic or not. The good thing for SMEs is that integrated, end-to-end digital core ERP systems can be deployed to meet most IT budgets. With these tools in place, organisations can make business decisions at the right time, and provide users with real-time access to information.

With the right digital ERP core in place, companies can focus on running their business and maximising opportunities. These systems are not only built to accommodate growth but are flexible, adaptable and scalable. In most cases, it’ll be the only system your business will ever need.

Digital Enablers

It’s difficult to predict what markets will look like after the pandemic. But one thing is certain. Organisations should no longer rely on rigid business models. Best practice processes should be put in place now. As should systems that can integrate and leverage new and emerging technologies. This will give forward-thinking businesses the best possible opportunities to succeed.

True digital businesses are built on infrastructure that incorporates key digital transformation components: analytics, Big Data, cloud & mobile technologies. These platform can then be accelerated by tech driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and Blockchain. If your business is not ready to accommodate digital acceleration it might as well be standing still.

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