How to integrate Microsoft Office 365 Into SAP Business One

Seamlessly integrate Word and Excel with SAP for greater productivity

When the details of the new enhancements in Version 10 were first published, one of the most eye-catching features was the Microsoft Office 365 integration into SAP Business One.

The new tools let users integrate Office 365 and OneDrive with SAP to allow for the sharing of document layouts, grid results and reports that can be exported directly into Microsoft Word or Excel.

There are also some handy new template management features that provide more flexibility in reporting and document layout management. One of the best things about working with Version 10 is that users can enjoy the latest innovative features developed to make their job easier. 

Integrate Microsoft Office into SAP Business One

These tools could not have come at a better time for SAP Business One users – especially for organisations who have seen teams disbanded and working remotely. By integrating SAP into popular Office programs such as Word and Excel – that the majority of companies use for convenience alongside their ERP solution – means that important documents can easily be shared between team members working remotely and maintains document integrity.

The integration is fast and simply to configure. There is no development or third-party applications required to get started and to work more productively – although it’s advised to speak with one of our SAP Certified Professionals before making any new configurations to your system. Please get in touch with one of our team today to find out more about how to integrate Office 365 with SAP Business One.

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