How to optimise your warehouse

Streamline key operations using SAP Business One

The warehouse is the heart of your wholesale and distribution business. Everything that comes in or out of your business will leave some sort of warehouse footprint - which is why it’s so important to optimise your warehouse. If you can get your inventory processes right, the rest will follow suit.

SAP Business One helps SMEs streamline inventory procedures by managing detailed data, optimising stock by location, and by tracking and recording stock movements in real-time. It sounds straightforward but when these processes are combined, it provides a cost-effective and comprehensive warehouse management solution.

All key warehouse data is stored centrally on the solution’s database. This single-source of information means that you can trust the data at your fingertips. With reliable information available on goods in and goods out – as well as existing inventory levels – you can manage supply and distribution chains without having to make costly and unnecessary purchasing errors. 

optimise warehouse

Integrated inventory

SAP Business One doesn’t just help you optimise your inventory or streamline your supply chain. It also brings your business together. Rather than having one solution for warehouse management and another for accounts and finance, you can finally integrate your entire operations in Business One.

Connect key processes such as inventory transactions, production orders and financial accounting data all in one powerful application. By bringing everything together, you can save time by automating important tasks. For instance, SAP Business One automatically calculates the value of overall goods and any cost or price changes, saving you extensive manual tasks to update supplier and customer unit lists.

In fact, there’s the option to create an unlimited number of price lists against different items. You can also use multiple currencies or assign different prices for your most valued customers. When you’d like to promote special offers, SAP Business One will help you provide discounts based on volume, cash or different types of accounts. 

Sophisticated stock

When it comes to your warehouse, SAP Business One has got it covered. If you’ve got one warehouse or ten, you can electronically track stock movements and quantities. By digitalising goods in and out, and linking these with accounting transactions, businesses can automatically update and monitor assets in their warehouses.

SAP Business One’s pick-and-pack management tool creates lists quickly to respond to new orders. Accurate data and cycle counts when orders are received or distributed means there’s no need to complete time-consuming stock checks. When these cycle checks are completed, if stock is below a certain level, a notification will be sent to a designated purchasing manager.

When you are doing a stock take, there are tools to complete quick and reliable inventory counts. You can record initial quantities, complete inventory tracking and post any differences between expected and actual stock back into SAP Business One quickly and easily. The solution will even print customised stocktaking forms so data is recorded as accurately and effectively as possible. 

Learn more about how you can optimise your inventory using SAP Business One. Get in touch with one of our warehouse and distribution experts and arrange a one-to-one demo today. 

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