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Our SAP ERP solutions are out-of-the box applications that are used across multiple industries and sectors. These solutions have been designed and developed to help organisations excel, regardless of their niche or area of expertise. Unlike industry specific solutions which have tools to manage specific processes, our selection of SAP software supports a range of integrated management functions.

These include tools for financials, sales management, CRM, inventory management, production, reporting and much more. This means there’s no need for any complex third-party integration of separate modules or the transfer of data between disparate solutions. SAP ERP solutions provide a comprehensive system for any industry that are quick to install, easy to use, and, more importantly, straightforward and cost-effective to maintain.

Think Industry. Think SAP.

Meet the strict industry standards, guidelines and requirements in your specific sector with SAP. By having the confidence and assistance of a solution that is designed for your specific industry, your business can focus on what matters most… running and growing your organisation.

One of the most attractive aspects about the solution is that it not only offers a comprehensive suite of products out-of-the-box but it also provides a host of industry-specific add-ons that seamlessly enhance user experience.

At Seidor we’ve deployed thousands of solutions into all types of organisations. Here’s just some of the industries we specialise in and the benefits your business can expect to enjoy:

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Wholesale Distribution

Turn your warehouse digital and transform the way you manage your inventory with a powerful, integrated WMS. Streamline your supply and distribution chain management to actively manage customer demand, avoid stock-outs of your most popular products and ultimately make more sales.

Professional Services 

Get a comprehensive solution that provides real-time visibility into potential opportunities and bid management. Track and manage your resources and ensure your organisation stands out from others with powerful tools for financials, project management, CRM and much more.

Healthcare & Life Science

Discover a new way to manage how you control R&D, manufacturing, supply and distribution chains, and how you manage patient records and standards or care. Guarantee you deliver a personal touch with cost-effective SAP software that meets strict industry regulations and helps meet compliance standards. 


Increase your productivity by modernising your manufacturing firm. Connect your business together using a single integrated system to accelerate production times and automate key financial and production tasks to meet customer requirements and reduce manufacturing costs.

Higher Education and Research

Get top of the class systems to manage your institutions. Graduate to the next level of performance with best-in-class software to help your higher education or research facilities run better. Integrate different departments to manage everything from students to staff. 

Oil and Gas

Simplify and standardise key processes across your business with SAP's intelligent cloud suite. Guarantee reliable oil and gas services that contribute to long-term, sustainable economic growth. Keep workers safe and productive and raise the levels of service provided to customers by driving operational integrity. 


Create a digital marketplace your customers will love. Instantly boost your revenue streams and integrate key processes directly back into SAP Business One. Create an affordable omni-channel seamless shopping experience to take your business places - which can be deployed in a matter of weeks.


Guarantee you deliver amazing customer experience across all areas of your automotive industry. Use the latest software trends to create new opportunities from design and manufacturing to the dealership floor. Build a responsive supply network and drive standards of care in your after-market service. 

Sports and Entertainment

Seidor's SAP solutions support some of the world's leading sporting institutes. Run and control every aspect of your organisation in a single, integrated tool. Bring your team closer together to improving collaboration, deepen fan engagement, drive performance and optimise business efficiency.  

You Name Your Industry, We've Got A Solution For It...

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