ERP Manufacturing Software

Affordable Manufacturing Software Powered By SAP

Modernise your production line to accelerate cycle times and maximise outputs using our affordable range of manufacturing software solutions. 

Use our extensive manufacturing experience to streamline all of your key production and back-office processes from a single, centralised solution - hosted either in the cloud or on-premise. 

Forecast accurately and improve your levels of productivity and efficiency to drive profits with our SAP-powered solution. 

Manufacturing Software For Small Business

Is it time to change the way you run your manufacturing business? In today's economy, manufacturing firms have the challenge of achieving profitable growth, surviving margin pressures, managing ever-expanding supply chains and to be cost competitive to meet customer demands. Seidor's SAP-powered manufacturing software can help you achieve all of these targets. 

Instantly transform operations across your organisation by integrating core process and allowing you to take full control of manufacturing activities. Our all-in-one systems provide you with real-time visibility into production activities. This provides insight into operational efficiency for engineer-to-order, made-to-order and mixed-mode projects. Not only will you improve your levels of productivity, but you’ll also be able to open up new revenue streams by maximising outputs.

Use powerful and accurate forecasting tools to improve resource utilisation and planning. Free capital in your inventory and avoid stock outs to increase your bottom line and meet demand.

ERP Manufacturing Software Benefits

ERP manufacturing software provides tools to automate critical business tasks from sales order management through to the quality assurance of finished goods. Manage inventory, production management, sales and & CRM and every stage of your production process in an end-to-end platform. 

With SAP ERP manufacturing software your firm is guaranteed to:

  • Simplify your bills of materials for production planning and assembly
  • Accurately allocate raw materials and resources required to support volume control
  • Meet customer demand and timelines by using the solution’s MRP calculations
  • Have instant access and reports into existing items being used in the production cycle
  • Manage and store all your company data from a centralised solution

SAP ERP Manufacturing Features

Whether hosting your solution on-premise of choosing to run a cloud-based manufacturing system, all of our ERP applications are filled with essential features that deliver long-term value to your company. 

SAP's manufacturing ERP systems contain a suite of integrated, feature-rich modules designed specifically for a growing organisations: 

  • Production Planning and BOM Management
  • Supplier Control and Inventory Management
  • Order Information and Goods Distribution
  • Powerful Customer Relationship Management
  • Head Office Integration and Subsidiary/Supplier Integration
  • Plus much more

In addition to the powerful production features, SAP ERP manufacturing software is filled with other features to manage other departments across your organisation. Integrate financial management, sales and CRM, purchasing & procurement, service call activity in one affordable, end-to-end application. 

Explore Our SAP ERP Manufacturing Systems

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

A Popular ERP Solution Aimed At SME Manufacturing Firm. Hosted Either On-Premise Or Cloud-Based.


SAP Business ByDesign

Cloud-Based ERP Manufacturing System For Mid-Sized Organisations. Rapid Deployment and Fixed Monthly Costs.


Why Seidor & Our ERP Manufacturing Solutions


SAP’s manufacturing ERP solutions offer a complete range of innovative features to manage every aspect of your organisation. We've helped manufacturing business across the globe to deploy and maintain ERP systems that address organisational challenges and deliver a fast ROI. 

Seidor complements our world-class manufacturing software with our award-winning services. We are officially SAP's No.1 ERP partner. By putting your business first, we take the time to listen to your requirements and find a solution to your problems.


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