Two Tier ERP Strategy

Subsidiary Management Software Powered By SAP

Manage multiple facilities from a single, centralised solution

Use this our range of affordable subsidiary management solutions to get total visibility into multiple business units or international facilities. Our range of intuitive SAP powered solutions to create a cenralised network to share real-time data or to play a pivotal part in any two-tier strategy. 

Our SAP ERP solutions are a cost-effective way of either connecting into an additional SAP solution, or to share company-wide data between external facilities. 

Ideal for multi-national or large organisations who are looking to gain greater control, companies can track and monitor operations or KPIs instantly. Bring your business closer together and share information from a single, centralised database - either hosted on-premise or in the cloud. 

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Two-Tier ERP With Seidor

Use Seidor's global team of ERP experts to create and deploy the perfect two-tier solution for your growing business. We have SAP professional across 5 continents who can help to bring your business closer together with our innovative business management solutions. Whatever your business needs, we're here to help. 
  • Build: Choosing the right software can take time. At Seidor, we've got the experience and the knowledge to help you define what your Tier 1 and Tier 2 should do - and how these operate. Because we specialise in SAP solutions, we have the expertise to seamlessly integrate different solutions into one
  • Define: If you are looking to build a network of systems to control your susbsidiaries, talk with our experts today to help outline standard parameters to create a solution that delivers long-term benefits to your company
  • Deploy: With localised experts in 32 different countries and a founding member of the United VARs Alliance, Seidor really does have a global footprint. We've already helped 100s of organisations connect subsidiaries or to create two-tier ERP solutions. We can help you get set up quickly to start sharing information. 

Benefits of Two-Tier ERP With Seidor

  • An integrated two-tier ERP solution helps organisations to automate and integrate critical business processes into a single, centralised database
  • Quickly enter new markets faster and more affordably than ever before. All of our ERP solutions include a variety of localisations to help you adhere to key tax and legal regulations. 
  • Conform activities across your group to work more productivity and efficiently. When everybody is on the same page, it also helps to consolidate important financial and managerial reports - and to get a true understanding of company-wide KPIs. 
  • Get real-time visibility and control without impacting the needs, time or budget of smaller operations

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