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Why Your Business Needs This Popular Cloud ERP System...

Suite in a Box

A SaaS end-to-end solution for all type of mid-size organisations to control and manage key functions. Delivered in an affordable, easy and fast to deploy solution with fixed, transparent pricing. 

Built for Growth

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP system designed to grow alongside your organisation. This scalable system helps you to onboard new employees, add business units and enter new markets. 

Real-Time Analytics

Run faster and smarter with ByDesign. Access accurate, real-time information from across your organisation. Use this accurate data to track progress against KPIs and make faster, data-driven decisions. 

Affordable Innovation

Get the latest innovation in your business without ever having to change solutions. Users of SAP Business ByDesign can enjoy SAP developed innovation delivered in the cloud by our solution architects. 

SAP Business ByDesign Industry Benefits

SAP BYD Is Used Across More Than 150+ Countries. Find Out Why It's So Popular Across Multiple Industries

SAP Business ByDesign For Manufacturing

  • Integrated manufacturing functionality with end-to-end processes for any product centric company. Out-of-box features include: procurement, customer relationship management, supply chain planning, project management, Human Resources, plus much more
  • Industry specific BYD features from Seidor complementing existing tools, including: eCommerce integration, 3PL/Warehouse Management, international trade, RFID Integration, plant maintenance, plus other production processes
  • Real-time data fed into reports and KPI dashboards to track progress analytics
  • A series of manufacturing best-practice scenarios developed by SAP over the last 50 years

SAP Business ByDesign For Wholesale Distribution

  • Complete end-to-end integrated system enabling all business functions 
  • SAP developed best practice scenarios to streamline key purchasing and supply chain functions 
  • Reduce IT costs with easily on-board new users as your system grows 
  • Expand operations into new markets and deliver products to customers seamlessly
  • Track key inventory levels and movements in real-time with embedded analytics and warehouse reports

SAP Business ByDesign For Professional Services

  • Professionally manage tasks for marketing, sales, service call management and customer service 
  • Integrate your entire team into a cloud-based ERP solution 
  • Follow best-practice and stay compliant across international markets with legal, tax and other key regulation localisations 
  • Compliant across most major countries in terms of legal, tax, and other requirements 
  • Conform activities and implement SAP-developed best practice scenarios to maximise resources without increasing overheads

Benefits of SAP Cloud ERP From Seidor

Create The Intelligent Enterprise 

Empower your team with accurate and instant information that helps make their job easier. SAP Business ByDesign comes with powerful reporting capabilities as standard. These powerful data analysis tools help organisations to track targets or KPIs in real-time and quickly generate important managerial reports. 

Get ready to work faster and smarter with BYD. Use the system's in-memory analysis to store large amounts of data and crunch information instantly to make more informed decisions without delay. 

A Flexible Approach

Not only can we get you set up with the market-leading cloud ERP system in a matter of weeks, but SAP BYD is a user-friendly tool guaranteed to transform operations. The system is easily configured to suit your requirements and our solution experts can create user interfaces, customised reports and workflows that your teams will love. 

With SAP Business ByDesign you're deploying a system that you will never out-grow or need to replace. The system can quickly be scaled up to 10,000 users. Enjoy long-term benefits, fast ROI and critical business functions that are transparent, simply and efficient.

Productivity Boost 

There are thousands of mid-sized organisations that already enjoy the benefits of running SAP Business ByDesign. This true cloud ERP solution places your users at the heart of the system. The solution is intuitive, user-friendly, fast and requires minimal training. 

Your team will benefit from an enriched experienced with simplified navigation, interactive reports and dashboards and automated processes to make their role easier. The result is company-wide adoption and increased levels of productivity. 

Security Management 

All of our SAP Business ByDesign hosted solutions are protected by the latest security features and firewalls. It's our guarantee that your data is protected at all times. 

With SAP providing regular software updates, your business can focus on what's really important and not have to worry about IT infrastructure or security breaches. Seidor and SAP is a partnership you can trust.  


We know that SAP Business ByDesign a really powerful cloud ERP system. But that doesn't mean you can't get more out of this application. Seidor has created a series of industry-specific packages and add-ons that seamlessly bolt-on to the ERP system to provide further functionality. And, if there's anything you need that's specific to your organisation, Seidor has some of the world's leading BYD developers to create tailored systems to meet your requirements. 

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