How Much Does SAP Business ByDesign Cost

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How much does SAP Business ByDesign cost to use? That all depends on the number of users in your system. SAP Business ByDesign is based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It's cloud ERP on-demand. You simply pay for what you use. 
Included within Seidor's SaaS model is the licenses to use the system and hosting platform. We combine market-leading cloud ERP software with best-in-class cloud hosting to offer you a world-class system to grow your organisation. 
Each SAP Business ByDesign system is based on the following: 
  • A set monthly 'base fee', which includes access for 2 Advanced and 3 Core Users; then any of the following 
  • Advanced Users 
  • Core Users 
  • Self-Service Users
how much does sap business bydesign cost

It's your choice of how many users you grant access - and what type of authorisation is allocated to each of these. In addition to the set monthly fee, you'll only pay for the number of users who are licensed to use your system. 

This provides clear and transparent pricing for growing organisations. Get in touch today to arrange a quote based on your requirements. 

SAP Business ByDesign Cost Breakdown

Find out more about the different types of users and what else is included in the recurring costs to run SAP Business ByDesign. 

Base Fee: A flat fee per month that included 2 Advanced and 3 Core users

Advanced User: These licenses suit individuals who require access to all parts of your system. Access includes all available work centres, business configuration, application and user management, analytics, service control centre. 

Core User:Allocated for individuals who require access to control CRM, supply chain management, project management and other core features to manage daily operations. 

Self-Service Users: Complete core self-service tasks such as time and expense reporting, purchasing and travel management in ByDesign. 

Because SAP Business ByDesign is delivered on-demand and managed, monitored, maintained by SAP experts, there's never any need for organisation to pay for updates or to support their solution. It's a cost-effective way to manage long-term growth, powered by SAP cloud ERP. 


What Is It Like Working With SAP Business ByDesign

Find out why our customers chose to work with Seidor and our affordable cloud ERP solutions

  • Multi-national software vendor, working with SMEs for more than 3 decades
  • International team of SAP specialists working across 5 continents 
  • Providing support for more than 7,000 organisations 
  • Dedicated SAP Business ByDesign certified professionals 
  • Officially SAP's No.1 ERP Provider 
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